Installation of poles for fibre connections is put on hold

In our digitally connected world, the Municipality acknowledges the increasingly need for high speed broadband in our homes, whether for leisure, work, education or keeping in contact with friends and family.

The economic and job opportunities that come with installations of fibre are also realised.

Through an internal investigation, it was established that some service providers were not granted wayleave by the Municipality and thereby damaging municipal infrastructure.

It has also come to the attention of the Municipality that private property owners, particularly of Mhluzi and other areas are disgruntled about the erection of poles for the installation of optic fibre cables.

This project was implemented without any notification and consent of property owners and the Municipality.

It is therefore against these reasons that the Municipality resolved that the installation of poles for fibre project in Mhluzi and other affected areas be put on hold whilst the Municipality is finalising proper processes and systems.

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