Missing teen fails to show up at school, search continues

The frantic search for the young teen who has been missing since Friday has intensified after she failed to show up for school.

Susan Tait confirmed that she has finally received feedback from W H De Klerk School, that Sue-Allen Tait (14) never showed up for classes this morning.

Susan explained that her daughter was last seen when she took the bus to school on Friday morning.

Sue-Allen informed her mother that she would be visiting with a friend after school, but would have returned home thereafter.
Susan hasn’t heard from, or seen her daughter since, and her cell phone is switched off.

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Susan contacted the school this morning hoping that Sue-Allen might have turned up for lessons.
The school, however, informed Susan of her daughter’s absence.

While Susan earlier stated that she will be reporting her daughter’s disappearance, she added that she will be going to the bus stop this afternoon, “I am hoping and praying that she is on that bus.”

Anyone with information that could assist in locating Sue-Allen, is asked to contact Susan on 076 714 0459.

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