Have your Christmas greetings in next week’s newspaper

Don’t miss out on our Mayor’s very special Christmas message in next week’s issue of the Middelburg Observer.

And if you want your own special message to appear in the newspaper, contact our advertising team to spread your festive cheer.

If you want to remind Middelburgers to have your products on their Christmas shopping lists, or if you want to spread the news of your 2024 plans, there is no better place than the paper.

In what will be the last issue of the year, make sure you and your company go out with a bang bigger and brighter than a New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration.

Just like Santa’s elves have a Christmas Eve deadline to finish making toys, the Observer’s deadline is next week Monday, at precisely 12:00.

So make sure you are not put on Santa’s naughty list, and contact the Middelburg Observer advertising team on 013 243 1434.

Below, you can find a video of Charlene Kriek from our advertising team explaining why you should give her a call.


Charlene Kriek from the Middelburg Observer, telling you why you should advertise in the last issue of 2023. Contact the advertising team on 013 243 1434 to get your message into the paper. #christmas #middelburg #middelburgobserver #advert

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