Spike in break-ins and petty thefts, hardware top on the list

Petty thefts are on the rise with prowling criminals having developed a penchant for hardware!

A residence in Jeppe Street, Mineralia was targeted by criminals for a second time within one week last night after thieves broke into the garage.

According to the homeowner, who wished to stay anonymous, thieves broke into his garage last week for the first time where they made off with a considerable loot of machinery, tools and hardware.

Criminals returned last night to the same residence, targeting the garage for a second time, in which the cord to his lawn mower was hacked off and dragged away.

“I am still not sure if anything else was stolen because I am still taking stock of last week’s theft.”

The homeowner estimated that at least R20 000’s worth of tools and machinery was taken, including an air compressor and battery charger.

“What bothered me the most is that the SAPS’ landline number is out of order and I could not get hold of the police. I called 10111 after the first incident at which the call centre put me through to the Middelburg station, but this morning the number was out of order,” the resident explained.

He wished to thank the Noodroep Radiogroep Sector 3 members who assisted in dispatching the police, “the police did respond quickly after the sector 3 members dispatched them.”

• Gholfsig has also come under fire by petty criminals with CCTV footage showing a thief stealing a wheelbarrow in Leipoldt Street.

The suspect making off with the stolen wheelbarrow in Gholfsig.

The suburb has recently been plagued by petty thieves targeting outdoor lighting and water metres.

The thief in the video allegedly stole the wheelbarrow over the property’s wall and proceeded to wheel it down the street moments after.

The suspect can be seen squatting next to the flowerbed, pretending to pick something up in the garden as cars pass before stealing the wheelbarrow.


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