Be on the lookout for these three robbers!

Mid Alarms is urging the community of Middelburg to be on the lookout for three men who robbed City Builders in Wes Street yesterday at 11:55.

Mr Johan Oberholzer (Operational Manager, Mid Alarms) showed the Middelburg Observer, with the help of CCTV video material, what happened during the robbery.

The three men walked towards the business from the Iraq Taxi Rank.

When they entered the premises, two of them pulled out weapons, which looked like 9mm pistols.
They robbed the staff, who were standing outside, of their cellphones.

This robber wore a white cap.

The third robber took vehicle keys from one of the workers and walked towards the company vehicle, which was standing in front of the business.

The other two assailants then took the staff by gunpoint into the building, where they forced them to the back of the building, behind the counters.
Seconds later they ran outside, where they jumped into the company’s vehicle, where the third robber was waiting for them.

During the ordeal one of the staff members pressed the panic button and Mid Alarms arrived shortly after the robbery.

• The vehicle that was stolen had a tracking device (which was working through a cellphone).

Reaction officers Nick Booysen and CP Kotze immediately followed the signal, which led them to Mandela Drive in Mhluzi, where the vehicle was standing abandoned in a field, next to the road, “They only used the vehicle as a getaway vehicle. They came in a taxi to the Iraq Taxi Rank and needed a vehicle to get away.”

The vehicle that was stolen during the armed robbery was found abandoned in a field.

• Except for the cellphones, an undisclosed amount of money, which was in the company’s minibus, was stolen.
Nobody was injured during the ordeal.

• Two of the robbers wore hats and one wore a white cap. Two also had blue overalls on (one a full overall and the other one just the overall trousers).

• If anybody recognises the robbers in the video material, they can contact Mr Oberholzer on 082 802 6399.

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