New petrol prices for March

The dreaded March increase in petrol prices has officially been confirmed, with the price hikes even higher than the recent February rise.

Both diesel and petrol will see a price hike of over R1,00 each, with 93 and 95 petrol increasing by 121 cents.

The price change is set to come into effect March 6.

Below you can find the list of inland prices:

• 93 Petrol will cost R24,13
• 95 Petrol will cost R24,45

• Diesel 0,05% will cost R22,42
• Diesel 0,005% will cost R22,62

• Illuminating paraffin will cost R16,48
• LPGAS per kg will cost R38,31

Below is the list of coastal prices:

• 93 Petrol will cost R23,41
• 95 Petrol will cost R23,73

• Diesel 0,05% will cost R21,70
• Diesel 0,005% will cost R21,93

• Illuminating paraffin will cost R15,55
• LPGAS per kg will cost R35,35

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