Condolences stream in with passing of Middelburg Primary learner

The Middelburg Primary community was plunged into mourning with the all-to-soon loss of their learner and friend.

Middelburg Primary School shared their condolences with Landyn van der Walt’s family, after the 13-year-old passed away on April 11.

The school shared the following message on their Facebook page:

“Rest in peace our beloved Landyn.

We write this with a heavy heart, knowing that there are no words that can ease the immense pain and sorrow you are going through. We want to reach out and express our deepest condolences and offer our support during this incredibly difficult time.

We cannot begin to fathom the emotions and challenges your family are facing as you navigate this heartbreaking journey. The strength and love you have shown throughout this ordeal is truly remarkable and inspirational.

Please know that we as MPS are here for you in any way that you may need. Whether it is a shoulder to lean on, a helping hand with practical matters, or simply a listening ear, we are only a phone call away. You are not alone in this, and your grief is shared by many who care about you deeply.

It is okay to feel the full range of emotions that will undoubtedly come in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Grief is a unique and personal experience, and there is no right or wrong way to go through it. Allow yourselves the space and time to heal at your own pace.

While words may seem inadequate at this time, please know that we are here to support you in any way we can. You have our unwavering love and compassion, and we will continue to be a source of strength for you and your family as you face the challenges that lie ahead.

Landyn has been and will continue to be a source of inspiration and love to many.

With all our love,

Middelburg Primary School.”

Landyn with Siya Kolisi. PHOTO: MPS Facebook page.

• Messages of support and condolences streamed in after the post as parents and fellow learners paid tribute to his memory.

Fay Cooke: “We are thinking about you dear Landyn, and all the people who will miss you the most. Our prayers are with you and your family.”

Monica Da Graca: “Deepest condolences to the family, may God give you strength and comfort in this very difficult time. Rest in the arm of the angels, Landyn.”

Sammy Hale: “Condolences to the family RIP beautiful Landyn. You were the most beautiful, kind-hearted boy with a unique spirit, always friendly and smiling.”

Helouise Lopes: “Fly high Landyn. May your brave, little soul rest in piece. You were an example to so many. You showed that giving up isn’t an option. You fought so hard, you’re brave little man. You surely will be missed.”

• Read more about Landyn and how he will be remembered in a tribute in this Friday’s issue of the Middelburg Observer.

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