Break-in at Select Cars

Select Cars Sound & Autostyling were the victim of a break-in last night, with the thieves stealing thousands in goods.

A break-in took place at Select Cars Sound & Autostyling last night, with the thieves taking off with thousands of rands worth of items.

Select Cars owner Mr Shahid Hassim told the Middelburg Observer that the criminals managed to break in through the burglar-proofing in front of the building, but due to the small gap they managed to squeeze through, they could not haul larger, more valuable goods.

Instead, small tools were taken from the premises, and although Select Cars has a CCTV camera, it does not have the capture distance to record footage of the thieves.

Situated in Weber Street in the industrial area, the incident took place during the late hours of the evening and at this stage, it is unclear how many suspects took part in the burglary.

Currently, the Observer and Mr Hassim are trying to obtain video material of the incident.

If any member of the public can assist, they can contact the Observer on 072 248 3855.

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