Peaceful protest at Steve Tshwete Local Municipality

“Arrest the corrupt officials”, “We are paying full rates for half services”, and “We don’t owe Eskom anything”, were among the talking points at a peaceful protest outside the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality.

Taking place at 10:00 yesterday morning (Thursday), over 100 protesters were greeted by top Steve Tshwete Local Municipality officials, including Steve Tshwete Executive Mayor Mhlonishwa Masilela.

Community activist and former ANC PR Councillor Bheki Marumo led the group of protesters, handing over the memorandum of demands and grievances to the mayor.

The group of protesters.

Mr Marumo also spoke to the Observer, stating, “There are many issues that need to be addressed and fixed, not just in Middelburg, but Doornkop, Arnot and other surrounding areas.”

Mr Marumo and Mayor Masilela signed the document and shook hands to conclude the protest.

The group passionately read out their list of grievances to members of the municipality.

The list of grievances and demands includes the following:

• Programmes for young entrepreneurs need to be developed.

• A road needs to be built at the main entrance of Doornkop.

• Persisting water issues in Doornkop must be fixed.

• A clinic needs to be built in Arnot.

• Opportunities need to arise for small-scale and young farmers, regardless of race.

• To check on the progress of the school for the disabled, which is supposedly in construction.

Executive Mayor Masilela and Bheki Marumo signing the memorandum.

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