Man climbs Kees Taljaard Stadium’s light tower in bizarre episode

In what was initially presumed to be a public suicide attempt, a man climbed atop a Kees Taljaard light tower for 10 minutes, before safely climbing down.

Near the end of the Middelburg Rugby Club’s standard Tuesday practice, a man began to climb the light tower near the main entrance of Kees Taljaard Stadium.

Upon reaching the top, he stood on the tower’s platform for ten minutes, ignoring calls from any onlookers.

The following message, accompanied by a picture of the man, was forwarded to various WhatsApp groups.

Translated from Afrikaans, it read: “Can you please send someone to Kees Taljaard, there is a man who has climbed up the pole, it looks like he wants to commit suicide.”

When a Middelburg Observer journalist arrived at the scene, the lights had been turned off and there was no sign of the unidentified man.

Several people responded to the concerning WhatsApp message, arriving at Kees Taljaard with flashlights to search for the man to no avail.

The Observer spoke to a security guard who said he saw the situation unfold from the other side of the field.

He said that the man eventually climbed down from his perch before exiting the premises.

Was this a suicide attempt? Or just an elaborate and dangerous prank? At this stage, the identity and the motive of the man is unknown.




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