Missing stop sign causes crash

Next time, someone could die!

This is the sentiment in Mineralia after an accident occurred on the corner of Verdoorn and Kogel Street last Thursday.

Residents said that over a month ago, the municipality replaced a pipe in the busy intersection, leading them to remove the stop sign.
Unfortunately, the stop sign was not replaced.

Residents in the area have complained about the removal of the stop sign, and their concerns came to life last week when two bakkies were involved in an accident at the intersection.

The community also fears that more accidents will occur if the municipality does not do something.

A media enquiry was sent to the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality to ask about when the traffic sign will be replaced, however, they could not be reached before print.

• In 2020, a sinkhole formed in the middle of the four-way stop on the corner of Verdoorn and Kogel Street during major traffic delays in the area.

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