2024 elections kick off with special votes

The 2024 elections have kicked off with special votes being cast today and Tuesday.

The IEC is currently presiding over all local voting stations and will be paying home visits to those unable to visit voting stations.

• At Laerskool Kanonkop 278 residents registered for special votes, 140 home visits will be made at old age homes and retirement villages including the SAVF, Rivierpark Aftreeoord and Vergeet My Nie among others and 78 private home visits will be made by the IEC electoral officials.

Voters line up at Laerskool Kanonkop.
Kenneth van Riel casting his vote at Laerskool Kanonkop.
Therene Stander placing her ballot papers in the box.

• Hoërskool Kanonkop: 23 registered for special votes; 13 home visits; 10 at voting station.

• The other voting stations did not disclose the number of special votes registered.

William Msiza casts his vote at Laerskool Dennesig.
Paul and Marié Stander show their voting marks at Laerskool Dennesig.
Pop and Louw Rootman at one of Dennesig’s voting stations.
Mike Goslin at the voting station in Leyds Street, Dennesig.

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