Video: (Warning – Not for sensitive listeners): House used by prostitutes

“Ngifuna iChocolate box?” The prostitutes operating from a house in Klip Street say that they ask R200 per customer. If you want a threesome you will have to dish up R500.

Middelburg Observer journalists witnessed firsthand how prostitutes stop cars in Klip Street, discussing terms through the window and then open the gate to allow them to park in the yard.

Video material of the women luring cars into the yard, is hard evidence that the house is indeed used for prostitution, rubbishing the version of Caroline Grobler, who said that she sublets the house to ‘students’ and has a man living there to look after them.

Whilst the journalists were parked in front of the house, two cars were shown through the gates.

The first prostitute we spoke to, said that she asks R200 per customer. She lost interest when she was asked about a threesome and moved on to another car. After a short discussion the car was showed into the yard.

Another one proceeded to lift her dress and show her private parts to the journalists, asking in Zulu if they are looking for a “chocolate box”. Touching her private parts she said that there is no “chocolate box here, only f******g.”

There is a stark contrast between the conduct of the girls operating in front of the Klip Street house and the ones in other parts of the CBD.

Like other residents these women are affected by crime. Inside information have it that prostitutes moved from the industrial business area in Weeber Street, next to the railway line, to the residential area in Klip- and Rivier Street, to avoid being robbed by Nyaope boys living in the vicinity of the railway station.

The more populated and busy Klip- and Rivier Street, as well as the distance from the railway station, offers some sort of protection in comparison with Weeber Street which is almost completely deserted at night and adjacent to the station, making them easy targets for thieves and robbers.

They constantly undergo violence at the hands of furious residents, malicious youngsters, customers trying to get away without paying and opportunistic criminals.

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The newcomers operating from Klip Street, has made things difficult for the other regular prostitutes who complain that they brought nothing but trouble.

Their aggressive ‘marketing tactics’ have landed all prostitutes in the spotlight. Furious residents living in the area, complain that they cannot even take their kids to McDonald’s at night without running the risk of exposing their children to naked women.

•Capt. Khanyisile Zwane of the Middelburg police said that any woman indecently exposing herself will be arrested if caught in the act.

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