Koppie body identified

The body of the young male which was found on the 1st of January at the Gholfsig koppie has been positively identified.

The deceased is Sibusiso Mabena (23) from Mhluzi, Extension 7.

Mr Mabena was last seen on the 31st of December around 16:00 by his family.

He was preparing for a night out to celebrate the cross over to the year 2015, which he sadly did not live long to see.

According to his mother, Elsie Mahlangu, he was in good spirits, eager to go out that night.

“All was well, we all were happy and excited for the new year,” said Mrs Mahlangu.

Happiness did not last long at the Mahlangu household as the 1st day of the new year passed without knowing where their son was.

Mr Mabena was an outgoing and loving person and always made sure he slept at home, according to his mother.

“He had a lot of friends that I did not trust so I immediately become suspicious when he did not return home,” added Mrs Mahlangu

Although she tried not to think of the worst she contacted close friends and family to ask about the whereabouts of her son.

With no leads for three days she visited the police station and hospital to look for her son but still found nothing. She then opened a missing person case.

Mrs Mahlangu’s worst nightmare was confirmed when her brother visited the mortuary and found Sibusiso as one of the many who were waiting to be identified.

“My child was slaughtered like a cow,” said Mrs Mahlangu.

Mrs Mahlangu further added that one could see the brutality of the murder on the injuries her son sustained.

“It would bring closure once the killers are found,” she said.

Sibusisio leaves behind both his parents and a younger brother.

He was buried on Sunday in Mhluzi.

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