Video: Leaking sewerage in park

The children in Hlalamnandi are forced to play in a park flooded with sewerage.

Residents claim to have called the Municipality a number of times pleading for assistance, they claim the workers come but don’t do any work.

Mrs Martha Sibande, an elderly citizen living just next to where the sewerage is leaking, claims she was admitted to hospital last week due to the smell.

“One of the employees told me they were waiting for tools on Monday and on Tuesday they say they got lost,” claimed Mrs Sibande.

“They just come here to sit in the sun. When I approached the one guy he told me he has vast experience and advised to hire a local handyman known as Peter Dibakwane for the job” she added.

According to Mrs Prudence Magutle, Head of Communications at the Steve Tshwete Municipality, the municipality attended to the leak and discovered that old shoes dumped in it by the community.

A video of the children playing in the park despite the sewerage is available on .

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