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Stop dreaming – start driving

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a thrilling performance car on a racetrack pushing it to its max.

You don’t have to imagine anymore because MasterDrive’s new Academy will put you precisely there. MasterDrive is launching their Performance and Track Driving Academy during Transport Month.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the organisation is looking forward to launching a program that will give many people the opportunity to feel what it is like to be on a racetrack. “Whether you have your own Mustang, or not, the Academy makes it possible for anyone to try their hand at driving in a high-performance environment.

“Additionally, the Academy has many benefits for those who drive Mustangs on a daily basis. When you are driving to work or between the shops and home, you don’t have the opportunity to test your Mustang and learn everything it has to offer. A chance on the track with a trained professional gives you this opportunity.”

There are also many other important tips one will learn about while behind the wheel of the Mustang. “Drivers will learn how to take the vehicle to its max while still maintaining full control and enjoying the experience as much as possible. With that much power at your fingertips it can also be an overwhelming and intimidating experience once a driver fully appreciates that it is not the same as driving an average car. A morning spent with the Academy will give you confidence and capability when driving such powerful cars.

“The Academy will also empower you to understand the forces that act on a vehicle. This higher level of awareness helps drivers be better and more effective while learning how to get the full thrill of the drive. It will also create a better understanding of aspects such as braking, what it feels like should ABS come into play and how to take the correct approach to cornering.”

The team is excited to launch the MasterDrive Performance and Track Academy. “We understand that many cars are more than just means to get around. Experiencing the thrill these cars can give you, is only fully possible with an understanding of how to expertly push it to its max. The Academy will make this possible for all drivers,” says Herbert.

The launch will take place on 28 October 2021 at Red Star Raceway. Should you be interested in joining MasterDrive and take advantage of the special launch price, contact them by emailing or calling 086 110 0618.


Matthys Ferreira

Served in SAPS for 22 years - specialised in forensic and crime scene investigation and forensic photography. A stint in photographic sales and management followed. Been the motoring editor at Lowveld Media since 2007. "A petrol head I am not but I am good at what I do".
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