Selling a property faster with a buyer mentality

Here are the different methods you can consider that can help you sell your property faster.

Properties that are correctly priced from the start tend to attract more buyers than overpriced properties. Therefore, before listing your home for sale, you need to be sure it is appropriately priced for the market.

Find out from your agent if homes in your price range attract a steady flow of buyers. You also need to know how your property compares with others that are for sale in your area – as well as those that have recently been sold.


Before the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the easiest way to compare your home with others in the neighbourhood was to visit showhouses on weekends. Showhouses enable you to find out what prices the properties are being listed for, what the homes consist of and what condition they’re in.

Nowadays, you need to book viewings with the estate agents mandated to sell those properties. However, this is still a worthwhile exercise. It will allow you to talk to the various agents working in your area and find one that suits your needs.

Fix it

You can be sure that most potential buyers looking at your home will notice problems like peeling paint and leaking taps. However, to make your property stands out from the crowd, you need to have it shipshape before any buyers cross the threshold.

A professional home inspection enables you to pinpoint problems so that you can fix them before listing your home. Then, when viewers arrive, you will be able to generate positive feelings when you point out what has been repaired.

Even if you can’t afford to fix everything, at least you can alert buyers to any faults on your property. Disclosing defects to buyers will safeguard against future complaints or legal issues resulting from those faults.

Suggestions for changes that could improve your property may also be well-received. Any architectural drawings or approved plans can also entice buyers.

First impressions

First impressions count, so be sure to keep outdoor spaces tidy and indoors uncluttered, clean and smelling good.

A tidy garden, varnished wooden window frames and doors, and exterior walls that are freshly painted will make your home attractive to buyers.

In the property buying process, first impressions matter. Your task is to ensure that you and your property provide great first impressions for the value of money.

Patrick Mumbi

Patrick Mumbi is currently the Content Administrator at Hive Digital Media. Trained as a Journalist, he carries wealth of experience having worked across the media spectrum in print, electronic and currently in the digital media space. Patrick's current responsibilities include writing commercial content and most importantly ensuring quality control is achieved on internal and external content which gets published on various platforms.
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