Opel Mokka: maybe the last compact SUV you will ever buy

An elderly gentleman asked me, “I am ready to buy my last car, a compact SUV - which brands or cars should be on my shortlist?”

Can you guess my suggestions?

I suggested Suzuki, Toyota and Nissan. But then, at the time, I had not had the opportunity to drive the new Mokka, and it sure needs to be on that list! I’ll be 110% content with owning and driving one, for the rest of my days – it is a stunning, well-sorted vehicle!


Available in two derivatives: the Elegance and GS Line. I drove the latter. The exterior design is utterly modern, dynamic and emotional. The sharp edges do not overwhelm the senses and that bonnet design, even from inside the car, synchronises perfectly with the headlight cluster and grille, rendering a broad, confident and masculine design – I absolutely love it!

That rear end is infinitely attractive and powerful with everything in between presenting a cohesive and balanced design. And sitting on 17″ rubber – well, it certainly adds ground clearance and sportiness. The finish and fit on this car present artisan quality.


It is dark and sober and incorporates two large screens, and I enjoyed Opel’s description: “It presents a great emphasis on digital detox.” Agreed, there is no information overload or distracting displays, it is just easy access and management of the info that you need at a particular moment.

I got into the driver’s seat, took a deep breath, put my hands on the steering, paused my thoughts and I just knew that this car would deliver what it promises. This is even before I started the engine. And it did!

The Mokka GS Line boasts forward[1]collision warning, automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection among other technologies inclusive of adaptive cruise control.

Driving performance.

The Mokka is kitted with a 1.2L turbo engine delivering 96kW that is directed to the front wheels via a superb eight-speed automatic gearbox. It is geared towards low internal friction that responds well with turbo technology.

Now, 96kW may not sound like a lot, but it is the technology that comes with it that makes for a perfectly balanced, responsive drive.

The suspension is quite firm, but surprisingly absorbing, and this makes for a confident driving experience even if one leans on the accelerator just a tad. Fuel consumption on my drive indexed at 6.6L/100km. Opel suggests 6.1L for the combined cycle, but I am sure that once you have added some kilometres, a figure of between 5L and 6L/100km would be possible.


What makes this car a joy to drive though is the cohesiveness between the various technologies – its power response and the emotional connection it generates with the driver and passengers.

Go and drive it!

Photos: QuickPic

Matthys Ferreira

Served in SAPS for 22 years - specialised in forensic and crime scene investigation and forensic photography. A stint in photographic sales and management followed. Been the motoring editor at Lowveld Media since 2007. "A petrol head I am not but I am good at what I do".
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