Love? Nah, this lioness just wanted his lunch

The quickest way to a male lion’s heart is food… Or is it? This lioness gives a male a good run for his dinner.

A lioness used seductive tactics to distract a big male lion and take a meal right from under his nose!

Gareth van Rooyen, an experienced safari guide and wildlife fanatic, captured this incredible sighting on video and shared his story and footage with

“The story starts with a leopard enjoying his meal in peace when, suddenly, a group of noisy baboons found him. The leopard knew that this would attract unwanted attention and tried moving its food to cover, but the alarm calls from the baboons had already piqued the interest of nearby lions.

“The small pride of three lions was just a few hundred metres away. As they got closer, one male charged the leopard, forcing it to abandon its meal, and the lion was left with the remainder of the carcass,” Van Rooyen told

A lioness saw this and wanted her share.

However, she knew there was no way she could overpower the male to get to the food, and had to get creative if she wanted a piece.

“She approached the male, which immediately caught his attention. There wasn’t much left on the carcass, and he had no intention of sharing any of it. Then, just before he was able to react, she acted on her master plan, gently flicking her tail against his face. This unexpected move stopped him in his tracks! She then got even closer, rubbing her head on his neck. The male lion was totally taken by her actions.

“Being in heat, she knew just what to do next. She presented herself in front of the male, who had now completely forgotten about the food just in front of him and was paralysed in a moment of awe. This was the moment the lioness had been waiting for, and she quickly grabbed the food and darted off as fast as she could.

“The male lion was taken by complete surprise and needed a moment to process what happened. But he quickly realised that he had been fooled and chased after her. The lioness wasn’t quick enough and ended up dropping the carcass before the male could catch her.’’

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