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Help Midrand SPCA keep animals safe

MIDRAND – Midrand SPCA seeks financial donations to install a new razor wire fence.

Concerned Midrand resident Janet Schofield is calling on the community to assist the Midrand SPCA with funds for the installation of a razor wire fence.

The Midrand SPCA has a palisade fence and has experienced two incidents last year in which a small group of people attempted to steal animal food. In another incident, people were seen trying to steal some dogs.

These have raised concerns and the society would appreciate it if the community can assist in the fight to keep the animals safe.

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Brenda Lucas said none of these attempted thefts was reported to the police because the suspects ran away as soon as they were seen.

Lucas said the society currently has a palisade fence, is working with the Community Policing Forum and has security guards on the property to protect the animals and property.

Anyone who would like to make a donation is encouraged to contact the Midrand SPCA on 011 265 9935.

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