Locals and conservancy organisation join forces against litter

Gecko chairperson said the initiative not only helped to keep the roadside clean, it also emphasised the importance of preserving the environment.

A local organisation recently embarked on a campaign to clear litter along Rena Road in Kyalami.

Greater Equestrian Kyalami Conservancy (Gecko) was joined by Ward 94 councillor David Foley and Beaulieu Preparatory School learners on July 16.

Gecko chairperson Kristin Kallesen said, “This was a Mandela Day clean-up campaign with Grade 7 learners from Beaulieu Preparatory School who helped us collect litter along Rena and Main roads in Kyalami. We cleared litter along the roads and filled bakkies with litter collected.

Ward 94 councillor David Foley joins Gecko to collects litter in Kyalami. Photo: Supplied

She added that the initiative not only helped keep the roadside clean, “Initiatives of this nature also help educate and raise awareness about the importance of preserving nature in our community.”

Foley commended Gecko and community members for their role to keep their neighbourhood clean. “It’s great to see community-based organisations and residents working together to keep their neighbourhood clean. I hope that we will see more of these initiatives going forward.”

Kallesen thanked Foley, the learners and the community members who participated for their support in the cleaning campaign.

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