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JRA promise to resurface three pothole-riddled roads in President Park by mid-July

The JRA's spokesperson says they are aware of the poor state of Swart Drive, Kruger Road, and Fouché Street in President Park.

Three pothole-plagued roads in President Park will undergo much-needed resurfacing and are expected to be completed before mid-July.

This will come as a huge relief to thousands of motorists and residents who use the roads daily to reach their various destinations.

Kruger Road, Swart Drive, and Fouché Street will receive much-needed repairs as part of the Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) resurfacing project.

This is after JRA went on a city-wide road resurfacing programme on July 2, 2022 which is scheduled to be concluded at the end of this month.

JRA spokesperson Bertha Peters-Scheepers said, however, the process could extend past June due to rains that have affected it. But work on roads earmarked for resurfacing will still be attended to beyond the June deadline. Asked what plans were made concerning the three roads, she said, “JRA is aware of the poor state of Swart Drive, Kruger Road, and Fouché Street in President Park. These roads are scheduled for repairs between June 28 and July 14.

Pothole fixer in President Park, Billy Mkhasibe uses sand to fill a big pothole on Swart Drive. Photo: Sphiwe Masilela

The three have narrowed on the edges and make it difficult for two cars to pass each other simultaneously without one having to slightly get off the roads. They carry huge traffic for motorists from Ivory Park to various destinations in Midrand.

Peters-Scheepers said to determine priority road resurfacing, JRA conducts regular Visual Condition Assessments (VCA) to determine the condition of the city’s road network.
“It should be noted that JRA follows a structured approach to road management and VCA’s inform the entity’s response that prioritises the preservation of existing road infrastructure, keeping it in good condition and not allowing it to deteriorate to a poor condition. Our response plan includes proactive maintenance, including pothole repairs and cracks sealing as well as road resurfacing.”

The road resurfacing is an ongoing programme of work and forms part of the city’s continued commitment to investing in and improving the road network of the city. And R266m is budgeted for resurfacing the roads via the JRA’s resurfacing programme.
In an article, 70 potholes on less than 1 km of road, [Week ending 5 May], the paper visited Fouché Drive with President Park resident, Debby Kleynhans, who described driving in the suburb as a ‘horrible driving experience’.

In Region, A alone, which includes Midrand, the road agency, said a total distance of 43.1 km in various roads has been covered in Noordwyk, Glen Austin AH and Ivory Park.

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