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Semsa deputy welcomes the removal of land grabbers in Austin View

Semsa deputy chairperson Thabo Moorosi urge authorities to use the recent land invasion in Austin View as a lesson.

The removal of the land grabbers in the open veld in Austin View has been welcomed by the deputy chairperson of Southeast Midrand Suburban Alliance (Semsa) Thabo Moorosi.
“On behalf of Semsa, we are pleased that the land grabbers have been removed from the land because we had noticed a spike in criminal activities, including robberies and housebreakings,” said Moorosi.
“However, this should be a lesson to the authorities not to wait for grabbers to swell to larger numbers because this is what happened regarding Austin View.”

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The evictions by the JMPD, the Department of Human Settlement and Red Ants took months, as land grabbers would re-occupy the land after the authorities had left.

“We urge the Department of Human Settlement and JMPD officials to take land grabs seriously and remove anyone who tries to occupy any open land as soon as possible.”
In the article, Arrest land grabbers or no rates payments – residents, [Week ending 16 February], it was reported that Austin View’s residents association was contemplating stopping the payment of municipal rates and taxes because they felt abandoned by the authorities regarding the illegal land invaders.

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Meanwhile, Semsa, formerly President Park Resident’s Association, recently elected secretary Reshma Somaroo. She said they hoped to target land invasion and crime-related issues in the area for this financial year.
Semsa services areas like Austin View, Glen Austin Ext 3, President Park and Rabie Ridge Ext 1 and 2.

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