Beware of on going scams

The White River police are warning members of the public about an on-going cell phone scam aimed at conning unsuspecting victims off their money.

Sgt Cynthia Mbokodo, spokesperson of the local police says they have received numerous complaints from the public who had received WhatsApp messages about their relatives who had been allegedly arrested and need money to be bailed out.

“Luckily, none of the complainants gave that money asked for. We encourage the public to recheck and verify every message they receive from their phones as criminals are using this tactic to do fraud them,” she said.

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Mbokodo added that police always allow suspects to call their relatives in case they need to arrange for bail money using State phones.

“They don’t send messages, they call the families and the families need to verify that information by calling back the station,” she added.

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