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Thieves slaughter and maim cattle in the bush

Unknown criminals steal and slaughter cattle in bushes along the N4.

Livestock farmers in Matsulu  suffered huge losses after suspects stole and slaughtered their livestock. According to Jerry Sboza, the chairperson of the Matsulu-based community policing forum, farmers lost more than 10 of their cattle between April 3 and 9. They were either slaughtered on the scene or left paralysed.

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These incidents happened a few metres from their kraals at Manjeza Mountain which is few kilometres off the N4. “It looks like the criminals gained entry to the kraals by cutting down the razor fence before they took the cattle to a secluded area where they were slaughtered, not far from the kraals,” Sboza explained.

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“This is a new trend. We don’t know where the suspects are coming from. We suspect they might own butcheries or have people illegally selling meat on the streets,” he said. The incident was reported to the Matsulu police which attended the scene

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