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Students recalled from traffic training must reapply

The Mpumalanga Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison (DCSSL) said there will be no automatic recruitment for traffic officers’ learnerships that will commence this year.

MBOMBELA – The spokesperson for the DCSSL, Moeti Mmusi, said the students who were recalled for the previous learnerships will have to reapply if they meet the requirements of the department.

“We encourage everyone to apply, including the applicants who were recalled due to processes that were not followed, as we know the premier nullified the post. Therefore they will need to go through the procedure again so that they can be considered,” said Mmusi.

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He also mentioned that to avoid the same errors this time, the department will check the applications thoroughly.

“We will verify the legitimacy of the driver’s licences, matric certificates and IDs. We also keep a close eye on those who will be processing the applications to avoid fraud,” he said.

When asked about the outcome of the investigation into the recruitment process being bypassed, Mmusi said the department had concluded the investigations, and it would make the results available to the public soon.

Meanwhile, one of the students who were recalled, Zakhele Magagula, said he would not apply, but expected the department to call him again as he is still on the system and still on government perusal.

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“I did not commit any fraud. I followed all the procedures. I was screened and passed all the tests. But I was surprised they removed us from the college. Therefore I see no need to apply again, because am still appearing on the system, and now I cannot even get a job, because the system says I am working.”

Siyabonga Ndodans said he is hoping that he will be called again to finish what he had started, because, according to his knowledge, he is not related to any officials or politicians. “I got the job fair and square. I therefore expect the department to consider us, who did not commit any fraud, to be accepted again first,” he said.

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