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SACP members repair road in KaMaqhekeza

The party members have been repairing and maintaining most roads in this area.

Some members of the South African Communist Party (SACP) in KaMaqhekeza were hard at work refurbishing their local roads recently.

The deputy chairperson of the party for this area, John Mabaso, said it is understandable that most of the roads in KaMaqhekeza are gravel roads, but that such roads also require reconstruction and maintenance over time.

“Most of the roads in the area are not tarred, but we need to do our part in taking care of what we have. The gravel roads also get damaged through soil erosion and, eventually, get narrower, allowing only one vehicle at a time,” he said.

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Mabaso said they go around the community to ask for leftover bricks and sand from residents to use to repair the roads. “We appreciate those residents who give us their bricks and sand after their house renovations. This makes our goal to take care of our community reachable.”

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He said repairing the roads is a continuous task and will be one of their priorities.

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