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Schoolchildren taught about consequences of crime at correctional centre in Barberton

The Department of Correctional Services in Barberton aims to create awareness about the justice system and to highlight the consequences of crime.

The local Department of Correctional Services’ management area hosted the Grade Eight and Nine learners of Oasis College from KaBokweni for a school safety programme at the Barberton Town Youth Correctional Centre on April 29.

The spokesperson for the Barberton management area, Opheliah Motloutsi, said: “The programme mostly targets learners from problematic schools with a belief that it will deter learners from engaging in criminal activities.

The learners’ visit to the centre is part of an initiative of the Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison, together with the Department of Correctional Services, Department of Education and the SAPS.”

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An SAPS officer addresses some learners of Oasis College.

The aim of the ongoing programme is to make young people aware about the justice system and to remind them that a life of crime is futile. They were encouraged not to keep the information they had received to themselves, but to share with their peers in their communities.

Motloutsi said during the day tour, an offender shared his experience of being incarcerated and his freedom being limited behind the walls of correctional facilities with the learners.

“He urged learners to focus on their studies and to not get involved in criminal activities, because crime does not pay. He warned them not to fall victim to peer pressure, respect their school uniform and work hard for a better future.”

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Motloutsi said the programme was a success. Some learners showed gratitude for being part of it, and some were given the opportunity to share their views during these interactions.

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