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Amateur football tournament outside KaBokweni showcases skills

Four teams participated in the tournament aimed at creating an entertainment platform for locals and amateur football players.

A friendly soccer tournament for amateurs playing in a competitive spirit saw an outstanding win for the Phakane Masters from KaBokweni with a score of 4-2 against Lozitha Social Team from eSwatini in the final.

The tournament took place at the Noma Nini Lodge in Plaston on Saturday May 11.

The Lozitha Social Team showed great talent, with one of their star players, Mdamara Mdzebele, scoring all five goals when they went head to head with the Ngodini United Masters. The Ngodini United Masters lost with one fewer goal.

The eSwatini team came back for a second round, taking on the Newscom Masters from near Clau-Clau. This game proved nothing but competitive soccer, leading to a scoreline of 2-3. The Newscom Masters only obtained third place in the tournament.

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Ngodini United Masters. > Photos: Bongekile Khumalo

One of coaches of the Ngodini United Masters, Judas Nkuna, said the aim of the tournament is to allow men, typically over 35, to enjoy their love of football and for them to keep fit. “We meet up regularly with other teams to play against one another and to give players a sense of being part of a progressive team, similar to professional ones.

Essentially, we tour around the Nsikazi area and neighbouring countries such as eSwatini to meet up with other teams that have the same vision. We also want to unify with other clubs in KaBokweni and uplift one another by sharing knowledge and providing entertainment through this much-loved sport,” Nkuna said.

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While Moya Simelane of the Lozitha Social Club echoed Nkuna, he added that some of the players used to be in professional teams and have vast experience in the sports industry.

“These men are exceptionally good and talented players. Why not give them platforms to showcase those talents, while also eradicating health issues by keeping fit? The tournament was a success and all men participated thoroughly,” he said.

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