Packing hacks when travelling

The most important part of any trip is packing and it must be done right.

Sometimes the part of travelling we dread the most will determine how much we enjoy our time away – packing! Packing can cause much distress, especially if you have limited space in your bag or just simply do not know what to pack. While under-packing has the potential to ruin your holiday as you’d run out of clothes, over-packing can do just as much damage as it may lead to extra charges when taking a flight.

Here are some packing hacks to try out on your next trip:

Plan your outfits

It may sound boring to visually plan outfits as this may potentially take away the spontaneity in your vacation stay, but it will save you from stress and unnecessary charges. Layout all the clothes you are planning to take, pair them up with tops, shoes and accessories. Plan an outfit for every day of the vacation. This way, you will take all the necessary clothes without over-packing or under-packing.

Take an extra outfit

A pair of shorts paired with a top won’t cost you anything – but it could save your life. You never know when coffee will spill all over your crisp white blouse at breakfast during your vacation. An extra outfit for emergencies will come in handy, adding a bit of room for potential outfit accidents that may occur during your time away.

Iron your clothes before packing

Most accommodation facilities do not provide guests with irons and if they do, they often do not come cheap. To avoid this, be sure to iron your clothes before packing. This way, you will not need to pay an extra fee to use a pressing iron. Dedicating some time to pressing out those wrinkles will be a worthwhile investment!

Roll instead of folding your clothes

Still on the ironed clothes thought, all your efforts will be equated to nothing if you fold your clothes clumsily as this will just result in wrinkles and folds, again!. By the time you reach your destination, you will definitely have to get that outfit ironed. Rolling instead of folding your clothes does not only save you space in your suitcase – it keeps the clothes neat.

Pack your toiletries in a toiletry bag

While this goes without saying, packing your toiletries in a toiletry bag and not shoving them in the pockets of your suitcase will not only save you from potential lotion or deodorant spillage – it also helps you to be organised when you get to your holiday destination. All your toiletries will be in one place – the toiletry bag.

While travelling can be an exciting adventure, a wardrobe malfunction has the power to ruin the whole thing. The above hacks will save you from that!  

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