Minimalist Christmas décor ideas you need to try!

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s no surprise that this year, minimalist Christmas décor is in!

While shiny tinsel, stockings and dainty fairy lights have their spot in my heart, the minimalist in me sometimes dreads the overhauling of red, gold, and green.

They key is to keep it super simple. Take a look at the various ways you can spruce up your home this Christmas, whilst maintaining a clean, minimalist aesthetic:

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White Christmas tree

You can’t think minimalist without thinking monochrome…

White Christmas trees offer a fresh take on your traditional green pine tree and give you a taste of the whimsical white Christmas those in the northern hemisphere love so dearly. They also brighten up the space and offer a sleek clean look, especially paired with silver tree decorations.

Minimalist Christmas décor ideas you need to try!


Bare Christmas tree

If you want to maintain a splash of traditionalism this year, you could simply opt for a bare tree! Incorporating the bare necessities, such as simple lights and a star, will still provide the minimalist look you’re going for, without straying too far away from tradition.

As a bonus, it means there’s less to unpack and pack come January!

Christmas staples with a twist

Natural colours, such as beiges, greys, and soft greens, are a great way to add some life to your minimalist aesthetic. Luckily, you can grab a few Christmas staples in these colours, creating some stunning Christmas cheer!

For example, swap out red stockings with white and grey stockings. Or, you can place some stunning white and grey Christmas gnomes around your home.

Remember, uniformity is the key to maintaining your desired look. It keeps things sleek and elegant.

Minimalist Christmas décor ideas you need to try!

Wood, wood, wood

Minimalism doesn’t need to be boring. To add a natural splash of life, include wooden pieces in your décor.

Do this by hanging wooden ornaments on your tree or hanging thick branches around your home and draping simple garlands on them.

The natural look will pair well with your plain Christmas tree and cool-toned décor.

Minimalist Christmas décor ideas you need to try!


Monochromatic tree decorations

Now, plain trees aren’t for everyone. But you can still achieve your desired look by opting to decorate with monochromatic decorations. Pick your desired colour and keep your tree ornaments within that shade or spectrum.

For example, blues and silvers pair well! And so do greens and golds. Alternatively, you could opt for a single colour and not deviate. Silver ornaments stand out amongst the greenery of your tree, whilst maintaining a unique, elegant look.

Same wrapping paper for the family

Another way to maintain your simple, minimalist aesthetic is to wrap all your gifts in the same wrapping paper. Just remember to label the presents correctly…

Minimalist Christmas décor ideas you need to try!


Not only is minimalist Christmas décor absolutely beautiful, but it’s also calming and pleasing to the eye. For many, it could be the perfect way to create a festive space that isn’t as chaotic as the season typically tends to be.


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