How to get your home World Cup ready

The Rugby World Cup is a global showpiece which should be enjoyed in an ideal environment. This is how you can set up your home.

For rugby enthusiasts, the next few weeks have been reserved to catch all the World Cup action. Those who plan to host the excitement at their own homes will need to do some pre-match day preparations to ensure uninterrupted viewing pleasure.

RE/MAX of Southern Africa shares a few top tips for those who plan to host friends and family for game day gatherings.

How to prepare your home


  • Check the loadshedding schedule

The very first priority is to make sure the lights don’t go off just when the Bokke line up for that game-changing penalty shot. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in place. While adding solar power will be a long-term solution that also increases the home’s value, you might need to opt for a quick fix, like a battery and inverter system.

  • Rearrange the lounge

Nobody wants to crane their neck to catch the action. On match day, think less about how the room looks and more about how the room works. This probably means that furniture will need to be rearranged so that all seats face the TV as directly as possible. Remember to consider how many guests you will be hosting and to add extra seating if required. If your lounge is on the smaller side, layer up your seating with different height options so everyone can still see the screen. Lay cushions, a blow-up mattress or bean bags on the floor, have the couch behind, and then add your bar stools at the back.

  • Showcase your gees

Back the Boks on the South African match days by decorating the lounge in as much Springbok regalia as possible. The weather is still on the colder side, so if you don’t have a fireplace in your lounge, leaving out a few Springbok knee blankets for your guests might be a good idea. Deep shades of green are also super trendy right now, so you can even secretly back the Boks and redecorate your home simply by painting a feature wall in dark green.

…and last but not least, don’t forget the snacks and refreshments.

If you are dying to host your own game day gathering, but your home doesn’t offer enough space for comfortable viewing, it might be worth searching for what else is out there. While it won’t be possible to find a home in time for this year’s matches, you at least have four years to search and save up so that you can watch the next Rugby World Cup from the comfort of a new home. Speak to a local real estate professional and get one step closer to turning your dreams into reality.

Writer: Kayla Ferguson

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