Has your child made their mid-year’s resolutions?

Here's how to help your child set mid-year goals they would like to achieve, and how you can encourage them to stick to them.

It’s the middle of the year already, with 2022 just around the corner. How many of your child’s 2021 New Year’s resolutions have they achieved? Has your child ever heard of mid-year resolutions? It is time to forget about all the negative things children have harboured through the first half of 2021. While we can’t brush off the real challenges Covid-19 has had on our children and their development, we can help our children set their own personal goals and achieve them, despite the global pandemic.

Here are a few tips to help your child revisit their New Year’s resolutions.

Let them learn something new

Make an effort to help your child discover and explore new activities or skills, a hobby or passion they might take interest in. Allow them to join a club with children who share the same interest as them, such as scouts, music, art, storytime groups, and pee wee sports. Clubs and activities encourage children of all ages to pursue their interests, build friendships with other kids, and learn new skills.

Keep them learning about saving

Plan a short family trip that you can all afford – and motivate your child to help save to contribute to the trip! Instead of splurging their pocket money on toys, help them save up so they can buy something they really want during your family holiday. In the end, the trip will be a rewarding experience for all of you. There is nothing better than a family weekend away!

Make a list of all your child’s obstacles and opportunities

Everyone has flaws – even your child. But, you can help change your child’s flaws into opportunities. For example, if you know that your child doesn’t use their spare time effectively, try to come up with ways to rectify this. Instead of playing video games or watching TV in their free time, you’re your child commits themselves to an activity that will keep them healthy and active. List the challenges that are holding your child back and come up with possible solutions and opportunities.

Let go of the past

Do not dwell on the mistakes that your child has already made this year – and encourage them to do the same. A mid-year resolution is a time for everyone in the family to make drastic changes and choose friends, activities, and a lifestyle that will bring out the best in each of you.

Encourage self-belief

Help your child design a visual presentation. Grab a pile of old magazines and let your child cut out images and words that best describe how they see themselves. Help them design the person they want to be. For example, if your child has aspirations of being the best rugby player in South Africa, cut out images of the Springbok team as inspiration. If they aspire to embark on an acting career, get them to cut out pictures of actors or actresses. Do not be afraid of your child being overly ambitious, the sky is the limit when it comes to their dreams. Display your child’s “artwork” in a space where they can see it regularly, to remind them of what they are trying to achieve.

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