Have fun & save money this Easter by planning ahead

The upcoming Easter weekend is a significant occasion for many families, but it requires careful planning if you want to stretch your budget.

April has finally arrived, and this month there are lots for families to look forward to. The long Easter weekend is just around the corner, which means lunches, Easter crafts, and Easter egg hunts.

The bad news is that the long Easter weekend festivities can quickly eat through your bank balance. The good news is that it doesn’t have to.

Here’s how to save money while still enjoying this special time with your children.

5 Hacks to save money this Easter

Before the Easter weekend starts two weeks from now, it’s critical to think about thrifty ways to stretch your budget even further. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Set a budget: Stick to your budget and track all of your Easter spendings.

2. Make your own easter hampers: While it may be tempting to spend money on store-bought Easter hampers for your kids, family and friends, rather make your own. Wrap a small cardboard box in pretty wrapping paper and fill it with marshmallow eggs instead of expensive chocolate bunnies.

3. Host an Easter egg hunt instead of a formal Easter lunch: Invite family and friends over and ask each person to bring an Easter egg with them. Get the kids to stay indoors while you hide all the eggs in the garden. A hunt is way more affordable (not to mention more fun!) than having to feed every guest a meal.

4. Bring-and-braai: Make it a bring-and-braai if you have your heart set on hosting an Easter meal. You can supply the salads, rolls and dessert while everyone else brings their own meat and drinks.

5. Don’t spend money on Easter crafts: Instead of buying loads of art stuff to make Easter crafts with your children, why not dye real eggs instead? Egg dying is a cost-effective and fun craft project your entire family can do together. Click here on how to dye eggs without a dye kit.

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