Benefits of independent preschools for your child

Discover why independent private preschools may be the better choice for your child, offering a unique, smaller, and owner-run environment.

In South Africa we are fortunate to have numerous preschools in all areas, ensuring that our toddlers and young children have a good educational base from which they can learn once they get to big school. How does one choose which preschool would best suit their child?

Whilst many private schools offer a preschool, they may not be the best option for your child. This is where independent private preschools enter the picture. They are usually smaller and owner-run, with the result that your child gains numerous benefits from the daday-to-dayctivities that occur.

We chat with Dani Tannous, Founder and Headmistress of Bright Beginnings Preschool, for more on the benefits of keeping your child at an independent preschool.

The benefits of an independent private preschool are as follows:

They are smaller and owner-run

This means that your child receives the attention they need and teachers can identify a child’s specific needs and begin the intervention process. This includes providing a child with tools that they may need to reach their full potential in order to excel in their educational development. There is more care and attention placed on staff as it is a smaller staff compliment, thus better fulfilling the needs of the teachers, resulting in happy educators and therefore happy children.

Increased teacher/parent communication

For a parent, it is easier to have a quick chat with the headmistress or a teacher at pick up or drop off if there is a concern, instead of a lengthy ordeal of processes and procedures in order to communicate an issue with the school.

A child doing their last year at preschool gains a sense of leadership and confidence because they are the ‘big kids’ at the school. This is replicated at end of primary school in grade 7. Many private preschools introduce class monitors and line leaders in Grade 0. A smaller environment with less classes per grade assists the child in feeling comfortable in their environment and less likely to experience separation anxiety or get overwhelmed.


Privately-owned preschools are generally better value for money than their corporate-owned counterparts.

Beneficial to parents whose kids have learning difficulties. With a more hands-on approach, a child will benefit more from attending a privately-owned preschool. Teaching is adapted to the child’s learning style. Parent and child are not just a number and the headmistress and teachers will help you through the process of getting the child ready for big school.

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