Stop bullying: Be the change with kindness

Bullying is everywhere; at school, on your phone and after-school activities. Understand how someone becomes a bully and learn how to stand against it.

Words have great power; they can uplift and inspire or tear down and hurt. Throughout May RADA draws attention to bullying and the impact our thoughts, opinions and actions can have on others.

The intention is to inspire and positively influence the way we treat each other on a day-to-day basis. From classrooms to boardrooms and everywhere in between, incidents of bullying are sadly increasingly prevalent. Whether it’s a seemingly insignificant rude comment, physical aggression, or cyber harassment, the impact can be devastating for those on the receiving end.

This unacceptable antisocial behavior is a global phenomenon which excludes no one – age, gender or
background, there always seems to be a bully in the crowd. The narrative involves three parties: the bully, the bullied and the bystander. Each has a role to play and each holds a piece of the puzzle when it comes to tackling the issue.

The bully often comes from a place of hurt, masking insecurities, seeking to belittle others. Feeling powerful by making someone else feel powerless is not the answer to your inner conflict. The recipients are the target of hurtful words and actions often making them feel isolated and alone. Be encouraged to find your inner courage and stand up to those who negatively impact your life. Stand firm in the knowledge that your self-worth is vitally important, own your space, reject the negative and move forward with positivity.

Finally, the silent bystander where your actions speak louder than the words you do not utter. Staying silent because you don’t want to be involved or you fear being victimised speaks volumes. It condones the abuse and escalates the societal issue. Be an upstander, a voice of kindness and shift the narrative.

RADA creates awareness around the issue by consistently sharing four impactful anti-bullying videos with high schools in South Africa. The campaign started last year and has reached approximately 130,836 learners and continues to grow its reach each month. The videos are aimed at positively influencing the thoughts and behaviour of young people, encouraging learners to develop empathy and treat each other with kindness and respect.

Making a positive difference starts with each one of us. Together we can build a world where everyone feels safe, respected and loved. It’s as fundamentally simple as being the way …being the change …one day at a time.


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