Post Office closed: Ways to send Santa a letter

With the on-going postal strike and Christmas around the corner, many may be wondering how to send cards or presents to family and friends in different parts of the country and world.

Kids may be asking their parents how they will send their letters to Santa this year.

Alternatives to the post office include:

*Courier companies. There are a number of courier companies that deliver both nationally and internationally. These companies deliver both post and packages.


Another advantage to using one of these companies is that you can schedule for them to pick-up your package from your home or work, saving you a trip.


*Postnet. Most people are familiar with this counter-to-counter courier. They also offer an overnight delivery service as well as counter-to-door and counter-to-postbox services.

If you normally send out greeting cards at this time of year, why not send an E-card?


Not only will they be delivered on time, but you will save money by using free websites to send them as well as contributing to the environment by not using paper.

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