Exclusive online sale of decorative arts masterpieces this week

Get ready for theupcoming sale of Chinese masterpieces that boast a remarkable breadth of historical significance, all from the property of a European gentleman.

Opening Friday, November 3 at 8am and closing on Wednesday, November 15 from 2pm the sale showcases an impressive collection of Chinese ceramics that span a wide chronological spectrum from the Neolithic period to the 20th century. These note-worthy treasures come to the market from a single owner private collection of a European gentleman who embarked on a lifelong journey of exploration, which took him to numerous corners of the globe.

The collector’s fascinating story beings in 1949 when, travelling on the historic de Havilland Comet, he established offices in Port Elizabeth, Spain, Italy, London and Cape Town, working as a commodity broker. Over the years, he passionately collected Chinese and continental artefacts amassing an exceptional collection that reflects his discerning taste and deep appreciation for art. In 1979 he returned to Cape Town, where he built a home that he designed with exquisite taste, a testament to his lifelong love for art and culture.

Image supplied by Strauss and Co.

The auction is set to be held in two sessions, both offering a unique array of exceptional items. The first will focus on Chinese ceramics, showcasing a diverse range of wares including celadon, ‘blanc de chine’ and the distinctive blue and white so highly prized by contemporary collectors. In the second session, the spotlight will be on the mastery of hardstone carving, with a focus on a fine array of beautifully cut jade pieces as well as rock crystal, amethyst, quartz and enamel. In this way, the sale marks a notable milestone for Strauss & Co’s Decorative Arts and Design Department, representing a shift towards a more thematic curation to its sales.

An important highlight is Lot 4  a remarkably well-preserved Tang Dynasty pottery horse. Highly sought-after for its rarity and artistic elegance, it represents an important example from the wealth of Chinese ceramic tradition. Furthermore, Lots 5 and 6  two expertly carved celadon bowls, serve as significant examples of the exquisite craftsmanship from their time, both dating back to the late 12th and early 13th century during the Song Dynasty.

This timed online auction provides a unique opportunity for collectors, art enthusiasts and connoisseurs to acquire pieces of rich historical and artistic significance. The auction opened on 3rd November, and bidders from around the world are invited to participate in this celebration of Chinese decorative arts.

For more information visit Strauss & Co, or browse their e-catalogue here.

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