2.5m Black Mamba found hiding in roof at Bellair home

Local snake catcher, Nick Evans advised people to trim branches that are growing against their roof.

Snake catcher Nick Evans rescued a Black Mamba at a house in Bellair (KZN) on Sunday.

Nick Evans caught the snake with the assistance of a resident in the area. PHOTO: Nick Evans – Facebook

Evans said he suspects this was not the first time the snake was spotted in the area, although it could be a different one.

The snake catcher first climbed into the ceiling to assess where the snake was.

“I then climbed onto the roof with a resident who offered to assist. We cut the bushes and then started lifting tiles from one side of the mamba, then the other, switching sides, making its hiding spot smaller,” he said.

Evans managed to place his tongs under the tiles and pulled the snake out.

“Although it was an easy rescue, the Sunday heat made it a very exhausting one,” said Evans, who advised home owners who have trees growing against their roof to trim the branches.

“Mambas use the trees to get onto the roofs. Who knows, the snake might have been living there for a while,” said Evans.

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