26 firefighters deployed, 1 injured after fire at Pretoria West power station

The fire broke out after 21:00 yesterday and caused a power outage in Pretoria West this morning.

A fire that ravaged a section of a decommissioned power station in Pretoria West last night has caused damage to an adjacent substation leaving a large area of Proclamation Hill without power this morning.

The Tshwane metro dispatched ten firefighting vehicles and 26 firefighters to fight the fire with one firefighter sustaining minor injuries when a fire hose nozzle hit her in the face shield of her helmet.


“The Tshwane Emergency Services Department arrived on the scene to find the switchgear room covered in a blaze of fire,” said Tshwane Emergency Services spokesperson Deputy Chief Thabo Charles Mabaso.

“A technician issued a safety work permit and firefighters immediately started with firefighting operations and exposure protection of an adjacent building of the decommissioned power station.”

Mabaso said as fire operations began, the switchgear room was found to have four switch components with oil that was burning intensely.

“The switchgear room roof parts of the walls collapsed because of the intense heat and an explosion inside the room.”

“The fire was contained to the switchgear room and subsequently extinguished.”

He said technicians were assessing the extent of the damage.

Mabaso said the injured firefighter has been discharged from hospital.

“She was treated at Unitas Hospital and immediately discharged.”

“The cause of the fire has not been determined.”



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