Case against Benoni ‘Pit bull racist’ struck off the roll

Belinda Magor was arrested after a voice note, believed to have been sent by her, called for black men to be banned instead of the dog breed.

The NPA has confirmed the case against the woman believed to be behind the voice note calling for black men to be banned instead of Pit bulls, Belinda Magor, has been struck off the roll until the state has enough evidence to reinstate it.

Facing a charge of crimen injuria, Magor made an appearance in the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court on November 21.

NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane explained that during the court proceedings, the state prosecutor requested the matter to be postponed to January 18, noting police investigations are incomplete.

“Police still needed to obtain statements from certain witnesses. The magistrate declined the request, saying the matter was postponed from October 23 to November 21 to give the police ample time to complete their investigations. Failure to do so, the magistrate said, the matter would be struck off the roll.”

Mjonondwane said the magistrate then ordered the matter be struck off the roll until the state has enough evidence to reinstate it.

Furthermore, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has taken Magor to the Equality Court in Johannesburg and wants her to pay R150 000 to an organisation advancing reconciliation and diversity.

“The relief we seek in court is based on the statements made by Magor, which affected many South Africans and resulted in complaints being lodged with the commission.

“The Equality Court will eventually have to determine whether it was hate speech or not and outline the relief,” said Gauteng provincial manager of the SAHRC Zamantungwa Mbeki.

Mbeki declined to comment on the matter being struck off the roll.


Magor, a Putfontein resident, was arrested on November 26 last year after Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi opened a case of crimen injuria against her at Boksburg North SAPS.

The Boksburg Advertiser previously reported that Lieutenant Colonel Thembi Skhosana, the Boksburg North SAPS Vispol commander at the time, apprehended Magor in Putfontein and the case was transferred to Putfontein SAPS.

She was released on the same day on a warning to appear in court.

The matter was transferred from the Benoni to the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court.

In the voice note, a woman believed to be Magor can be heard saying: “What I say is ban the black man. They rape, they steal, they kill, worse than any Pit bull could, and they get away with it. Ban those that are making the laws, ban Ekurhuleni, ban the black man. Get all the black women and cut out their uteruses and their ovaries so that they cannot procreate because they will all turn out the same because they are all the same. I’m very passionate about this. Ban them, kill them, shoot them. Get rid of them because they are the problem. Not Pit bulls, not animals. Animals are beautiful, and they deserve a warm bed, food, love and attention and everything else. God created those animals. Who created the black man, do you think God? I don’t think so.”

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