Eagle-eyed officers nab suspected blue-light hijackers in Ekurhuleni

Three suspects who were arrested following a chase with law enforcement officers were found in possession of metro and traffic police uniforms.

Three men suspected of being blue light hijackers were apprehended in Withok Estates in Ekurhuleni yesterday morning after a chase with law enforcement.

According to SAPS information, a traffic police inspector and two colleagues were patrolling along the R23 (Heidelberg Road) towards Brakpan at 07:50 when a silver Volkswagen Polo aroused their suspicion.

The Polo, with three male occupants, had a light fitted to its dashboard.

When the officers attempted to stop the driver of the Polo, he sped off and a chase ensued.

The Polo was soon brought to a halt near Mans Street and the occupants were ordered out of the vehicle.

The men were searched and a firearm was found.

A check on the weapon revealed the gun was linked to a criminal case.

A search of the vehicle yielded more illicit goods.

The fitting on the dashboard was found to be a blue light, and vehicle registration plates were also uncovered.

In the boot of the Polo, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department and Gauteng Traffic Police uniforms were found, including pairs of boots, trousers, shirts, belts, reflector jackets and epaulettes.

The three men face charges including unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of presumed stolen property.

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