Update: Postmortem to be conducted on JHB serval

The Johannesburg Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) will conduct a postmortem after serval was found stabbed to death in the city central this morning.

Johannesburg SPCA spokesperson Jolene Delport confirmed to The Citizen that the serval was found dead, with a visible stab wound to its neck.

Delport added that the cat was found in a garbage bag and had seemingly been dumped in the CBD.

Details remain sketchy as to why the cat was stabbed and who dropped it there.

Investigations are ongoing.


Large cat found stabbed to death in Joburg CBD

On Monday, two paramedics reportedly spotted a large cat that resembled a cheetah cub on the R21 in Irene, in the south of Pretoria.

It was later confirmed that the cat had been a serval.

The paramedics, Tyran Blignaut and Samuel Neels, said they were driving on the road when they spotted the animal sitting in front of them before slowing down.

Blignaut said at first they thought it was a small dog, but as they got closer they saw it was what looked like a cheetah cub.

Blignaut added that as they approached it, the cub ran into a field in the residential area of Irene, close to the Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

He said they handed the information over to the animal control authorities in order to help catch the cub.

Meanwhile, Twitter continues to buzz following the discovery of the serval’s carcass today:

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