Watch: Heated altercation between motorists on the N11

Video footage shows two alleged taxi patroller vehicles trying to force the driver of another vehicle to stop.

Motorists on the N11 (Loskop road) yesterday afternoon witnessed a deadly manoeuvre by men – believed to be taxi patrol operators – in an attempt to force another vehicle to stop.

Two alleged taxi patroller vehicles, a silver Volkswagen Golf and silver Toyota, were engaged in an altercation with the driver of a silver Mazda on the busy road.

All three vehicles were headed in the direction of Doornkop.

In the video footage taken by concerned motorists, the marked Toyota can initially be seen driving side by side with the Mazda – seemingly forcing the driver to stop.

An oncoming vehicle forces the Toyota to get back in the correct lane.

@middelburgobserver Heated altercation on the Loskop road involoving taxi patrollers.#middelburg #southafrica #middelburgobserver #taxis ♬ original sound – MiddelburgObserver

Afterwards, they seem to attempt to box in the Mazda by forcing the Toyota and VW to be positioned directly in front and behind the Mazda.

The three cars slow down in unison during the box manoeuvre.

The video ends as the Mazda driver attempts to drive around the VW.

All this while there is oncoming traffic, frantically flashing lights in fear of causing a head-on collision.

It is unclear what led to the altercation, however, in 2022, two taxi patrollers were arrested for attacking a motorist who was transporting hitchhikers on the Stoffberg road.

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