Watch: Uvongo man ‘parks’ car in busy road to visit liquor store

A motorist on the KZN South Coast didn't hesitate to park in the middle of the road to do some shopping.

Road rules? What road rules? It seems the motorist in the video, driving a vehicle with NPS registration plates, decided last-minute to do liquor shopping for the weekend.

Driving through Uvongo, he suddenly decided to stop and park on the centre island (barrier lines) on the busy main road – near the Spar and traffic lights.

He then hopped out of his car, dashed across to the road nearby bottle store and made some purchases.

His car remained on the centre island with other vehicles weaving their way past.

A few minutes later, he returned to the car, clutching his alcoholic purchase tightly to his chest, jumped back in and drove off, like it was nothing out of the ordinary or untoward.

All this was captured on video by a man who gives some amusing commentary.

The video has since gone which has gone viral.

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