Porsche Panamera demonstrates dance moves with active suspension

Originally demonstrated on the pre-production Panamera, the German automaker has now released a video of its fully dressed up sedan dancing with its active suspension. This begs the question of whether the feature could eventually make its way to production models. 

The latest Panamera from Porsche is taking an unconventional approach to showcase its active suspension system, unveiling a dancing-themed video on Instagram. The third-gen Panamera’s suspension engages in various lateral and longitudinal movements, even while the vehicle remains stationary. While the video undeniably demonstrates the impressive tech bestowed upon the Porsche, it remains uncertain if this feature will be part of the production model.

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When attending a drive of the pre-production model in Leipzig, senior engineers mentioned that the adaptive suspension feature that was demonstrated to the press on the camouflaged model would be reserved solely for demonstration purposes. It is unlikely that senior management has had a change of heart and this video could simply be a visual demonstration of a final production model rather than a hint of the technology to arrive in the future.

The technology enabling the Panamera’s dance routine is attributed to its ability to control each of the four wheels independently. This allows the car to absorb road imperfections and reduce body roll during cornering.

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The 2024 Porsche Panamera comes with a standard two-chamber two-valve air suspension, but the video likely highlights the optional ‘Porsche Active Ride’ suspension, particularly available in the Panamera E-Hybrid trims. This advanced setup combines a one-chamber air suspension with active shock absorbers and an electrically operated hydraulic pump, promising a versatile range between comfort and driving dynamics.

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What was confirmed by Porsche during the exclusive drive in Leipzig is that the Panamera has been outfitted with the ‘comfort access’ function. This can increase ground clearance by up to 5,5 cm, providing SUV-like ingress and egress. While the promotional video entertains the idea of a dancing mode, the practical application of such a feature remains unclear, potentially serving as a showcase for the vehicle’s sophisticated electronic capabilities.


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