Gunned down: Man dies of multiple shots in the head in Ndwedwe

Seven spent 9mm cartridges were found on scene.

A yet to be identified male was shot multiple times in the head in Ndwedwe yesterday afternoon.

According to Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA), the gruesome murder was discovered by a taxi driver who had dropped passengers along the P100 route.

Hearing gunshots ring out, the driver went to investigate the source of the gunshots, stumbling upon a man lying in his own blood.

He called RUSA at about 7.15pm for assistance.

Reaction unit officers at the scene of the murder. Photo: Reaction Unit SA

According to Reaction Unit’s Prem Balram, the officers dispatched to the scene discovered seven spent 9mm cartridges around the area.

Investigations into the incident are underway.

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