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Go Grease lightning!

Ashton International College put on a show-stopping performance.

Ashton International College took parents, pupils and guests back to the 1970’s last week with their production of the ever-popular Grease musical. The show was the first production to be put on in the recently built Grace Hall. Grease hit the stage on four consecutive nights from Wednesday last week, culminating in the final show on Saturday night.

The cast delivered an excellent performance of the famous musical. A simplistic set was complimented by great costumes and the huge LED screen in the hall provided a backdrop for the different scenes.

The T-Birds looked and acted the part of American greasers with their sleek gelled hair and leather jackets while the Pink Ladies did justice to the popular clique of girls from Rydell High. The live band accompanying the musical made a great addition to the show.

The acting and singing would have made John Travolta and Olivia-Newton John proud. The standout performer on the Friday night was Kate Perkins, who played the star-crossed lover Sandy Dubrowski.

The school has been preparing for the play since January and put in a load of extra work on weekends, public holidays and holidays.

“It was great to see our hall finally put to good use,” said Ashton College CEO Andr√© Buys.

The play was directed by head of dramatic arts Toni Hort, while teacher Tara Blake was the musical director and teacher Laurel Read was in charge of choreography and costume design.

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