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Tame frizz, add volume and degrease with these top hair tips

Whatever your hair woes are, we have easy tips to make you fall in love with your hair.

We all have our hair woes – it is either too wild, too tame, too frizzy or too flat.

To help curb those bad hair days, Carlton Hair stylist and member of their elite creative team, Kim Hickman has given us some expert advice on how to get your locks to listen:

  1. Frizz free the Brazillian way
Get rid of frizz the easy and safe way.

Hickman said a Brazillian treatment is the best method to control frizz. It lasts about three to four months and while it won’t straighten your hair, it will make it a lot easier to control the frizz.

“The humidity is coming! I advise against having your hair cut with razors or thinning scissors if you suffer from uncontrollable frizz, as these remove a lot of weight out of the hair, which means nothing is going to weigh down the frizz.”

She said baby hairs are a big reason for frizz.

“Many women suffer from hair loss due to lack or iron – an increasingly common problem. These baby hairs or new hairs are shorter than the others and don’t have the weight to keep them down. I advise you to discuss your frizz cause with your stylist, so they can prescribe the best option for you.”

Anti-frizz product tip: Davines Your Hair Assistant blow dry primer is great to cut out humidity.

2. Snip to a fuller look

“The reality is, fine, thin hair is the hardest hair to keep looking good.”

She said there are four options depending on whether you want root body or thicker/denser looking hair.

  1. Get your hair cut into a blunt bob, or a graduated bob. This will instantly make your hair appear thicker/denser and you can add some volume with a fringe.
    Cutting fine hair shorter will take the weight off your hair, making it look fuller and lively.
  2. Add some softer layers for longer hair, this will give you root lift/ body on the top of your head, as well as movement which makes your hair appear fuller.
  3. Extensions! We all want instant gratification, so, if your budget is friendly, this is the way! Individual bonded extensions are great and they last between 3-4 months and you can reuse them! They allow you more freedom to style your hair and they are not damaging to your hair, if they are put in, maintained and removed correctly.
  4. Volume boosting styling aids to take home.

Kim’s fav volume booster product: Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator Powder

3. Cut the oil

Use your palms to shampoo your head instead of your fingers.

Oily Hair is caused by many things: product build up; over active sebaceous glands; hormones; unprofessional shampoo’s; oily dandruff and medication.

Your stylist will advise you on your specific reason and offer the remedy:

  1. Product build up: You need a good, deep cleansing shampoo and mild conditioner to remove the build up. TRY Davines Detoxifying range.
  2. Over active sebaceous glands: This can be in your genes or from over washing. The scalp has a natural acid mantle or natural oils, if you wash your hair too often or if you use unprofessional shampoos you are stripping all the natural oils off the scalp, therefore your sebaceous glands go into over drive and produce more oils. A good pH re-balancing will help control the acid mantle.

    TIP: Wash your hair with the palms of your hands and don’t scrub vigorously when you wash, as this will stimulate the sebaceous glands more, and your fingers naturally produce more oils than your palms.

  3.  Don’t condition your roots! Shampoo is to cleanse the scalp and conditioner is to protect and work on your ends. Your natural oils are enough to moisturize the scalp.
  4.  Oily Dandruff will need a medicated shampoo (Davines Purifying helps with dandruff and psoriasis)

Remember, whatever is happening with your scalp, is a sign that something is happening in your body which could be a lack of certain vitamins and minerals for example

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