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Councillor concerned over lack of bins at local park

Councillor says he has battled for two years to have bins replaced at Malacca Park.

UMHLANGA ward councillor, Heinz de Boer, has bemoaned the lack and state of rubbish bins at the Malacca Road Park. Since its development, the park has become a popular attraction for family braais and is also a hit with several children because of its playground. But the problem of litter had become a prevalent one.

De Boer said he had called on the city for two years for the rusty bins, which lack any bottoms, to be replaced.
When Northglen News visited the park on Friday afternoon, we found several packets of rubbish lying around in a heap near the rusted bins.

“There is no way for people to throw away their rubbish, so often they leave it near the bin. When the wind picks up, it scatters the rubbish all over Rinaldo Road. One resident had also welded a bottom for one of the bins, which was stolen. For two years I’ve motivated for new bins from the city’s parks department and Durban Solid Waste (DSW) and I’ve not had any feedback,” de Boer said.

He added while there were no changes for the park in the foreseeable future, Rinaldo Road was set for a series of changes.

“The municipality will be repairing and in some places replacing 12 manholes along the road. The cost of this project is upwards of R15 000, which is ratespayers’ money which could be better spent elsewhere. The problem is that with industrial parks close to Rinaldo Road, several truck drivers are taking wrong turns and causing huge damage to the road surface and the manholes,” he said.

Some of the manholes set for repair and replacement are situated on the corner of Malacca and Rinaldo, Bixa Road, Solandra Avenue and Harrison Drive.


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